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Yearbook 1999

1999 VietnamVietnam. During the summer, the judgments in Vietnam's biggest corruption scandal so far - a credit business in the mid-1990s, fell. Of the 77 defendants, six were sentenced to death, six to life imprisonment and the others to between two and twenty years in prison. Critics said the government's purpose in the trial was to show the outside world that they were fighting corruption in the country. At the same time, they continued to imprison party members and leaders who openly accused corruption.

After three years of negotiations, an agreement was reached in principle with the US in July to restore normal trade relations. That meant another step forward in the relationship with the former enemy: the US trade embargo was lifted in 1994 and diplomatic relations were re-established in 1995. In October, Vietnam had not yet signed the agreement. This was probably due to opposition from the conservative Falun within the ruling Communist Party and the army, which opposes the further opening and liberalization of Vietnam's economy as the agreement entails.

1999 Vietnam

In September, US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright visited the capital Hanoi. She teaches have urged Vietnam to accelerate the economic reform process, a claim also voiced by Vietnam's largest donor at a conference in the port city of Haiphong in June. The donors also expressed their concern over Vietnam's increasing dependency on aid.

According to Countryaah official website, Prime Minister Phan Văn Khai visited Sweden in the fall. The purpose was partly to express Vietnam's gratitude for Sweden's support for Vietnam over the past 30 years, and partly to promote economic relations between the countries. Swedish exports to Vietnam increased sharply during the 1990s, especially between 1992 and 1997.

In the spring, around one and a half million people in central and northern Vietnam were reported to be starving due to a long period of drought and flooding in 1998. The situation worsened further at the end of the year as heavy rainfall hit central Vietnam. The worst floods of the century demanded hundreds of lives, hundreds of thousands of people were faced with acute food shortages and large rice areas were destroyed.

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