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South Africa

Yearbook 1999

South Africa. Nelson Mandela left the presidential post in June and was replaced by Thabo Mbeki. The change of power occurred since the African National Congress (African National Congress, ANC), won in the parliamentary elections on June 2 with 66.4% of the vote.

1999 South Africa

According to Countryaah official website, the European Central Bank's plans to sell large parts of its gold reserve caused a stir in South Africa. Earlier, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had announced the sale of ten percent of its gold to finance a debt relief program for the most indebted poor countries. According to South Africa, this would trigger a price race that would close many mines and place more than 100,000 without work. The gold price had already fallen to the lowest level in 20 years already in July. However, since the EU central banks in September limited sales to 400 tonnes a year for five years and the IMF shelved its plans, however, the price quickly rose from $ 250 per ounce to over 300.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission granted amnesty to former Police Minister Adriaan Vlok and former National Police Chief Johan van der Merwe for the blast of the South African Church Council headquarters in 1988. The assault was considered politically conditional, and they were considered to have responded sincerely during the interrogations. However, the five policemen who had killed the black leader Steve Biko in 1977 did not receive amnesty, nor did those who in 1993 were behind the murder of Communist leader Chris Hani.

Former pastor and ANC activist Allan Boesak was sentenced in March to six years in prison for embezzlement of, among other things. Swedish aid.

In October, the trial began for the former head of South Africa's chemical and biological weapons program, Wouter Basson. He is charged with murder and attempted murder of apartheid opponents and for experiments with drugs intended to kill or sterilize blacks.

Despite cuts in the armed forces, South Africa fulfilled the plans for large purchases of advanced military equipment. In December, an agreement was signed for the purchase of 28 Swedish JAS 39 Gripen plan for approximately SEK 13 billion. The first will be delivered in 2007, but South Africa can until 2004 limit the order to nine planes. A counter-purchase for SEK 60 billion is expected to create 65,000 new jobs in South Africa.

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