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Northern Macedonia

Yearbook 1999

Northern Macedonia (until 2019 Macedonia). In spring and summer, Macedonia faced a difficult national test during NATO's war against Yugoslavia as thousands and thousands of Kosovo Albanians fled across the border. International aid organizations set up huge camps for the refugees, which were kept well separated from the country's population. According to Countryaah official website, the Macedonian authorities feared that the massive refugee flow of Kosovo Albanians could affect the already fragile balance between the Macedonian and Albanian groups in Macedonia. By the end of the year, most of the refugees had returned home.

1999 Northern Macedonia

In early March, after six years of presence, the United Nations Force (UNPREDEP) was forced to leave Macedonia. Indeed, China had vetoed the UN Security Council against an extension of its mandate since Macedonia established diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

In early spring, mayoral elections were held in the two Albanian-run cities of Gostivar and Tetovo in northwestern Macedonia, where the majority of the population are ethnic Albanians. In Gostivar, less than 50% of the voters went to the polls, and the election was therefore invalid. In Tetovo, turnout was just over 50%, where Murtezan Ismaili became mayor. He belongs to the Albanian Partia Demokratike Popullore (NDP, Democratic People's Party). Prior to that, the Skopje Parliament had granted amnesty to the mayor of Gostivar and Tetovo, as well as 900 other ethnic Albanian prisoners.

In the December presidential election, the government coalition candidate Boris Trajkovski, who succeeded Kiro Gligorov, won.

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