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New Zealand

Yearbook 1999

1999 New ZealandNew Zealand. According to Countryaah official website, Jenny Shipley's government survived by a margin of confidence in February. The vote had been preceded by strong criticism of Tourism Minister Murray McCully, who was accused of going beyond his powers in the context of an extensive advertising campaign for the country's tourism authorities.

A new law that allows the authorities to detain illegal immigrants and to prosecute refugee smugglers was adopted in May in anticipation of the expected arrival of 102 Chinese boat refugees.

When Bill Clinton visited the country in September, the US president lifted the US ban on joint US-New Zealand military exercises. This was introduced in 1986 in response to New Zealand's decision not to allow nuclear weapons or aircraft to visit the country.

1999 New Zealand

The election was a success for the Labor Party, which received 52 seats, compared with 37 in the 1996 elections. The Nationalist Party went from 44 to 41 seats, while the Alliance Party received eleven seats. After nine years, the Conservative government was handed over power to a center-left coalition led by Labor leader Helen Clark. The new coalition government, however, only had 59 of the Parliament's 120 seats, and the Green Party was given a guardian role.

Clark and her party promised a small tax increase in favor of welfare policy initiatives. Defense cuts were also included in Labour's program.

At the same time as the election, two advisory referendums were held, with a large majority voting for harsher penalties for violent crimes and for reducing the number of MPs from 120 to 99.

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