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Yearbook 1999

Netherlands. According to Countryaah official website, the country will probably be remembered in 1999 as the year of violence. In December, a shooting drama occurred in a school in Veghel in the southern Netherlands. A 17-year-old student shot and wounded four schoolchildren and a teacher. It is the first time in the country's history that there has been a shooting in a school, and the people were shocked that this American phenomenon spread to the Netherlands. The country has very strict gun laws. In September, the government presented a proposal to tighten the penalty for illegal possession of weapons from nine months to four years.

1999 Netherlands

The shootout ended another successful year for the incumbent coalition government, the Social Democratic Party of PvdA and the Liberal-Conservative parties VVD and D66. Social Democratic Gov. Wim Kok has easily landed for five years. His reign is described as an economic miracle of increased employment, falling unemployment and above-average economic growth in the EU. But in 1999, the warning bells began to ring because the economy was heading for a sharp overheating. There was a large shortage of labor, which led the government to reevaluate the system of sickness pension, which for decades has been administered by the social partners. The government is dissatisfied with the way in which unions and employers handle the sickness benefit system. 900,000 people receive sickness pension,

At the end of the year, the government invited the social partners to discuss moving the entire social insurance system to the state. However, the trade unions fear that the state wants to take over the maintenance of social insurance systems in order to lower the level of compensation. Both trade unions and employers see a danger in the state taking control of social security systems. This can cause the so-called Polder model to collapse.

The Polder model is the mainstay of the Dutch consensus spirit and implies a consensus between the government and the social partners. It is this consensus that is the basis for the country's economic success in recent years. liberalized labor market step by step.

The union central organization FNV (the equivalent of LO / TCO) has threatened to withdraw from all tripartite cooperation with the government if it takes control of the social insurance system, which could result in the well-known Dutch consensus model being pushed down.

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