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Yearbook 1999

Nepal. According to Countryaah official website, new elections to Parliament in May ended a long period of weak governments. The Nepali Congress Party (NCP) received about 60% of the votes (111 out of Parliament's 205 seats) and was thus able to form its own government. Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, who had the same post in 1990-91, was appointed Prime Minister. Despite the ongoing Maoist uprising, the elections were conducted in orderly form.

1999 Nepal

In its first budget, the new government offered loans at low interest rates and other economic lures to the poor, hoping to get the Maoists to lay down their weapons. However, the clashes continued and are believed to have claimed at least 900 people's lives since 1996. Among those reported to have been killed was Suresh Wagle, a member of the Maoist Party Politburo.

A government proposal for a new anti-terrorist law was criticized by the opposition and human rights organizations. The law would give the police great powers to, inter alia, conduct home investigations and give local administrators the right to prosecute suspected terrorists. In August, the Supreme Court ordered the government to appoint a human rights commission. However, a decision on this was made by Parliament as early as 1997.

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