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Yearbook 1999

1999 MexicoMexico. Yet another step toward democracy and away from the actual one-party system that prevailed during the PRI's (Partido de la Revolución Institucionalizada) 70-year power holdings were taken when open primary elections for the party's presidential candidate were held in November. This election was won by former Interior Minister Francisco Labastida. In the past, the candidate has been appointed by the outgoing president through an obscure internal process in the popular community called dedazo(about the 'big point'). According to Countryaah official website, the democratization process is slow and has been riddled with scandals and crises. In particular, the 1994 events, when several prominent PRI members were murdered, came to fruition in September when the brother of one of them, former Deputy Prosecutor Mário Ruiz Massieu, committed suicide in the United States. In a written statement, he suggested that the PRI's senior management forced him to do so. PRI still uses its enormous party apparatus and influence to control politics. A congressional proposal to facilitate opposition parties to conclude election alliances was sabotaged; it should have reduced the PRI's chances of victory. The party also went on to win local elections; in July in the state of Mexico and in September in Coahuila, but the opposition won in Nayarit in July.

1999 Mexico

In August, tension again increased in Chiapas, where an uprising has been going on since 1994. In October, central M. was also hit by major floods with up to 400 dead and up to half a million homeless.

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