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Yearbook 1999

Malawi. According to Countryaah official website, general elections were held in May. The ruling United Democratic Front (United Democratic Front, UDF) lost fine to an alliance between the Malawi Congress Party and the Alliance for Democracy Party (AFORD), but still gained its own majority after four partyless members moved to the UDF. The days following the election, unrest was raging in opposition-dominated areas, where cheating was felt. Among other things, as many as 168,000 potential voters were said to have not received any voting cards. The election accentuated the regional gaps that have emerged in Malawi, where the UDF dominates the southern country end while the Congress Party is strongest in the central parts and AFORD is the largest in the north.

1999 Malawi

In the presidential election, incumbent Prime Minister Bakili Muluzi won just over 52% over opposition alliance candidate Gwanda Chakwanda, who got just over 45% of the vote.

In October, President Muluzi was able to further enjoy the sweetness of the victory by officially marrying his bourgeois wife for twelve years, 21-year-old Patricia Fukila, in a religious ceremony. Opposition leaders rejected the large-scale party, which they claimed robbed the Treasury of about SEK 3 million.

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