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Yearbook 1999

Luxembourg. According to Countryaah official website, in the June parliamentary elections at the same time as the EU elections, the ruling party Party Chrétien Social (PCS, the Christian Socialists) lost two seats, but remained Luxembourg's largest party with 19 of the 60 seats of the Chamber of Deputies. The party leader and Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker were therefore again given the task of forming a government.

1999 Luxembourg

But the PCS coalition partner since 1984, Party Ouvrier Socialiste Luxembourgeois (POSL, Luxembourg's Socialist Workers' Party), lost four seats. The party ended up in third place in the House with 13 seats after the Parti Démocratique Luxembourgeois (PDL, Luxembourg's Democratic Party), which got 15 seats and thus joined the government coalition instead of POSL.

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