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Yearbook 1999

Jamaica. In July, the government ordered the security forces into the largest force demonstration on Kingston's streets since the state of emergency in 1976. The decision was made following a wave of violent crimes; 34 were killed in Kingston and environs in July. From the beginning of 1999 to July, 505 people had been killed, of which 95 were in June alone. One of those who fell victim to the violence was Rose Leon, 80, who was murdered in his home on August 16, likely by burglars.

1999 Jamaica

According to Countryaah official website, Leon was Minister of Health and Housing in 1953–55 during the then Labor government and was one of the first women to have a political mission in Jamaica. The violence is thought to have escalated following a large influx of weapons from the United States and after criminals of Jamaican origin were deported from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jamaica, which had 40 convicted prisoners waiting in the prison cells, is expected to follow Trinidad and Tobago's example (which executed 9 convicts in June 1999) and begin executing executions.

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