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Yearbook 1999

Ireland. According to Countryaah official website, 1999 began with a political scandal that shook the Irish government after a revelation that EU commissioner Padraig Flynn received £ 50,000 in gift from real estate agent Tom Gilmartin in 1989. Flynn was environment minister in the then government and the money was a political donation to Fianna Fáil, the party that leads the current Irish coalition government. But the money was never handed over to the party, and in February Fianna Fáil demanded an explanation of where the money went. In a vote in the Dáil (Irish Parliament), whether or not an explanation was given, Flynn's daughter Beverly Cooper-Flynn voted against her own party Fianna Fáil. She lost the vote and resigned, leading to a weakening of the ruling party.

1999 Ireland

In June, the international soccer organization UEFA demanded that the EU decide the ongoing battle over the Euro 2000 football match. The Irish government refused to allow Yugoslav football players in the country in protest of the ongoing conflict in Kosovo.

In Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, the Irish who were abused during their upbringing at Irish orphanages apologized at the beginning of the year and promised to set up a commission of inquiry, The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse, to investigate how many people of several generations who have been exposed for abuse.

On October 19, 27,500 nurses went on strike for better wages and working conditions. The Irish nurses demanded 35% in salary increases, and their strike paralyzed all care except emergency care. The Irish government refused to raise its bid over the 22% offered by concerns that other public servants would also demand salary increases.

During the year, the Irish and British governments made new joint efforts to persuade the Northern Ireland parties to form the new provincial government decided in the peace agreement on Friday, 1998. I President Mary McAleese said in a speech at the end of November that I. and Britain now stands on the eve of a new era of closer relationships. On December 2, I. took the historic step of abolishing paragraphs two and three of the Constitution, thereby abandoning its old territorial claim on Northern Ireland. The two paragraphs were written into the Irish Constitution in 1937, 21 years after the Easter rebellion against British rule. The demand to bring back the northern province has been a source of annoyance to many British governments and provoked the Unionists in the north. But after the peace deal in April 1998.

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