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Yearbook 1999

Honduras. On January 27, General Mário Hung handed over the post of supreme military commander to President Carlos Flores, ending a 41-year military autonomy in which the military served as a kind of parallel government. At the same time, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces was abolished, the military's unofficial "Senate". The control over the military will henceforth lie with the Minister of Defense. But when he, Edgardo Dumas, tried to gain control of the military's budget and the president dismissed some high-ranking military, concerns arose in the military ranks. In August rumors or rumor attempts were rumored, and plans for a coup were said to have been in effect since May when President Flores was at a conference in Stockholm on rescue following Hurricane Mitch. According to Countryaah official website, the incident indicates that H: The military's historical strength is not entirely broken and that its civilian superiors are still forced to co-operate with them. In August, a mass grave was also discovered at the El Aguacate base, where political prisoners were held and Nicaraguan Contras soldiers trained during the 1980s.

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