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Yearbook 1999

Ethiopia. After the winter rains failed, Ethiopia was threatened by a new famine disaster. In June, the government estimated that 350,000 tonnes of food were needed, and the United Nations appealed for $ 50 million for relief efforts. During the late summer, aid staff said they saw clear signs of impending famine. The situation was made worse by the war against Eritrea (for description of the war, see Eritrea). The world's will to help a government that spent around SEK 8 million a day on warfare was weak.

1999 Ethiopia

In August, fighting took place in southern Ethiopia between the army and the oromo's separatist guerrilla OLF. The government claimed to have shattered the guerrillas and killed its leaders, but the information was contradictory.

Despite the wars and famine, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) praised Ethiopia's economic development over the past two years. However, the IMF warned that falling coffee prices could increase the trade deficit.

According to Countryaah official website, a smaller aircraft with a Swedish and a British pilot was shot down in northern Ethiopia in September. According to the government, the plane had not followed the agreed route via Djibouti but flew over the war front.

The lengthy trial of the overthrown Mengistu regime resulted in the first death sentence in November. A lieutenant was sentenced in his absence for the murder of five people.

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