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Yearbook 1999

Cuba. According to Countryaah official website, the development in Cuba is ambiguous. On the one hand, the legislation on "upliftment" was tightened, and the new laws were already applied at a trial in March. Despite international protests, four prominent dissidents were convicted who published a manifesto for democratic reform in 1997. On the other hand, economic relations with the outside world developed in the form of so-called joint ventures (now about 350), primarily with Canadian and European companies. Relations with the United States are characterized by both aggressive rhetoric and concrete cooperation. On 13 September, for example, The United States officially for the "genocide" of Cubans that resulted in the nearly 40-year-old embargo, and NGOs have symbolically demanded $ 181 billion in compensation for 40 years of "aggression." But President Clinton eased the embargo at the beginning of the year, mainly for capital transfers, civil aviation and postal service. The two countries also cooperate in a number of police areas, including in the fight against smugglers.

1999 Cuba

The number of boat refugees (so-called balseros) increased during the year for the first time since the large wave of refugees in 1994 when 30,000 Cubans left Cuba. In the field of sports, too, the two countries socialize; for the first time in 40 years, a Cuban and an American baseball team met in March and May, and won, perhaps symbolically, each their away victory. A doping scandal at the Pan-American Games in Winnipeg in August, including high jump world champion Javier Sotomayor involved, however, Castro blamed on a plot carried out by the United States.

The new openness has also led to increased crime in Cuba, mainly through increased tourism, although crime is still significantly lower than in the rest of Latin America.

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