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Costa Rica

Yearbook 1999

Costa Rica. On February 10, the amnesty period aimed at regulating the country's many illegal immigrants expired. Most of them, at least half a million, are Nicaraguan, and amnesty is said to have covered at least 160,000 of them. Prior to the end of the amnesty period, new immigrants poured in over the difficult-to-monitor boundary, leading to total entry stops for Nicaraguan people. The fact that Costa Rica attracts immigrants from other Central American countries is partly because Costa Rica, unlike Nicaragua and Honduras, escapes the fateful hurricane Mitch in 1997, but mainly because Costa Rica is a brilliant economic exception in the region. According to Countryaah official website, the country had Latin America's second highest growth rate in 1998, and inflation, unemployment and poverty are declining while real wages and investments are increasing.

1999 Costa Rica
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