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Yearbook 1999

Chile. The fate of former dictator Augusto Pinochet was not settled during the year. Pinochet was arrested in October 1998 in London. The statement from the British House of Lords on November 25, 1998, which opened for the extradition of Pinochet to Spain, was annulled on January 15 for damnation (one of the lords had links with Amnesty International). On March 24, however, it was again allowed the process to continue, but only for crimes committed after December 8, 1988, when the United Kingdom, by ratifying the International Torture Convention "nationalized" crimes under universal jurisdiction. On the other hand, murder and the incitement to murder are not covered, but on October 8, a London court tried to argue that the trauma that the murders committed before 1988 created in the survivors can be equated with torture. The claims of immunity for the former the Head of State Pinochet has so far been rejected on the grounds that systematic killing and torture of his own citizens cannot be considered compatible with the duties of a Head of State. The release of 82-year-old Pinochet on humanitarian grounds or for age reasons has not been taken into account so far either. The final decision in this regard has the British Minister of the Interior Jack Straw.

1999 Chile

In the shadow of the Pinochet case, legal processes were also underway in Chile. According to Countryaah official website, the Supreme Court had granted a charge of disappearance from the time before the amnesty law in 1978, since disappearances are considered to be the equivalent of kidnapping, a crime that is ongoing as long as the hostages are not freed or their bodies recovered. Representatives of the military and the relatives of the disappeared have also initiated talks on reconciliation (mesa humanitária), which has, however, been met with skepticism. As a direct result of the Pinochet business, the United States also published thousands of documents, including President Clinton's order. from the CIA, on human rights violations in Chile during the period 1973–78.

In the first round of the December 12 presidential election, Socialist candidate Ricardo Lagos (former legal adviser to Salvador Allende, who died during the 1973 coup) won 48% against conservative candidate Joaquín Lavín's 47.5%. On January 16, 2000, the crucial round of elections will be held.

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