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Yearbook 1999

Canada. At least 9 people were killed in the remote town of Kangiqsualujjuac (in Quebec) by a snow avalanche that crushed the school in the city where residents gathered for New Year's celebrations on January 1. New Year's fireworks probably triggered the avalanche.

1999 CanadaOn February 4, a three-year agreement was signed between the federal government and provincial governments (except Quebec) on how healthcare and social welfare should be funded. The agreement allows the federal government to establish and fund social programs without the consent of the provinces. Healthcare received an additional grant of 11.5 billion Canadian dollars for the next five years in the new budget presented by Finance Minister Paul Martin in February. The increase means that the federal health care budget has been restored to the same level as before 1995, when the Liberal government cut health care grants to the provinces to reduce the federal budget deficit. The Canadian economy has improved and is now quite strong. Unemployment fell to 7.8% in January 1999, the lowest since June 1990.

1999 Canada

According to Countryaah official website, the Progressive Conservative Party, PCP, had a number of successes in various provincial elections during the year. PCP won the elections in Ontario June 3, in New Brunswick June 7, and in Nova Scotia July 27. The electoral victory in Ontario, the most populous of Canada's provinces, was a huge success for the PCP, working hard to try to build a new strong political base after its disastrous election defeat in the federal election in 1993. The party received 45.1% of the electorate's votes, giving 59 seats in Ontario's parliament, the Liberal Party gained 39.8% and 35 seats and the New Democratic Party 12.6% and 9 seats in parliament.

Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien appointed Adrienne Clarkson new governor after Romeo LeBlanc, who resigned in October 1999. Clarkson hails from a Chinese ethnic minority in Hong Kong and came to Canada as a refugee. 1942. She previously worked as a journalist and is the first immigrant to be appointed Governor General of Canada.

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