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Yearbook 1999

Australia. In Queensland, five of the dissatisfaction party left One Nation's state parliamentarians party in February, and even more threatened to step down. In connection with this, party leader Pauline Hanson was forced to step down, but she was re-elected to her post later that month.

1999 Australia

According to Countryaah official website, the state election in New South Wales on March 27 was a success for the Social Democratic Australian Labor Party (ALP), which increased its majority by 17 seats. One of the most important election concerns was the possible privatization of the state's electricity system, something that the ALP opposed.

1999 AustraliaAt the federal level, a 10 percent tax on goods and services was approved in June. The new VAT is part of the Conservative government's policy of reducing income taxes.

In August, Prime Minister John Howard and Parliament made an apology to the Aboriginal people for the abuses it has suffered in previous generations. He was criticized by some Aboriginal leaders for avoiding saying the word "sorry".

The state election in Victoria on September 18 became a setback for the Liberal Party / National Party, which, however, received a mandate more than the ALP.

In a referendum on November 7, Australians had to decide whether they wanted to maintain the monarchy or establish a republic, with a president to be appointed by Parliament. The opinion polls that preceded the election had hinted that there was a clear majority for the republic, but 55% voted to keep the ties to the British krona. The election result was interpreted as many Australians opposed the system of indirect presidential elections. Prime Minister Howard advocated monarchy, but the government was strongly divided on the issue. The largest opposition party, the ALP, promised a new referendum if they won the parliamentary elections in 2001.

Australia led the UN force sent to East Timor in September, and by the end of the year, Prime Minister Howard promised that the country would continue to play a pivotal role when the UN took over command in early 2000.

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